Well, here I go, into the breach!

I’ve waited (and waited and waited and…) trying to figure out how to start this thing.

The two previous blogs posts were simply personal heartfelt meanderings, which you will see again from me. However, if you want to really get to know my family, come and visit, don’t just follow a URL.

After a lot of thinking and procrastinating, it is now time. If you decide to come to read my blog, I owe you both what I know and what I want to know more about. Otherwise, it becomes a pretty one sided affair.

To that end, you will find I know a hell of a lot about movies, the home entertainment industry, retail, seat of the pants marketing, baseball, football, and hockey (on an enlightened fan level, not as an expert), my family, music, Philly, Disney, being persistent, and being amazing. Not in that order.

You will find that I thirst for a lot more experience with social media, new tech, and finding out why someone wants to watch a Hollywood film on a 4.3 inch phone. You will find me frequently funny and more frequently corny. I can be maudlin, but I can also be enlightening.

As you read me, you may hear me talking to a lot of people, or maybe just to you. I may even wind up talking to myself. However, I look forward to your talk back to me.

This shit doesn’t work without the two way conversation. I only ask that you realize that no one and everyone is right, and carry the conversation from there.

If you like this, please share it with friends. For whatever reason that you visit, please share that reason. And feel free to take this in the direction you would like to see. Don’t worry, I have strong enough convictions to pull it back to center.

You’ll also find me referring to other blogs and people who I have great respect for. You may not agree with them, you may worship them, just remember, we are all just like them.

I’ll list the blogs I follow and that you recommend in a side bar when I figure out how.

WordPress is about to go adimikespeak. Get ready. I will be writing more later. I hope you will read more later.

I”m being very very good.

2 comments on “Well, here I go, into the breach!

  1. Adrian, this is Dave (@PhilaDAVEia from Twitter)…great, heartfelt stuff! I needed a couple of minutes to compose myself reading about your mother and father. I lost my father in ’95 and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss him tremendously…I miss all of the things that you mentioned about your pop!

    Keep up the great work, looking forward to reading where you take things from here…

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