What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up.

For those who are shouting “You never did grow up”, you are correct. I never did. If I had, there would be no reason to try to do something new each day. Nor would there be any compelling reason to meet new people, or to learn from them. There also would be no false rationalization that everything is peachy keen as it is, or was.

Back when I was a wee little one, and yes, I was a skinny runt, the first thing I remember I wanted to be was an electrician. At least, that had to be the reason that when I tried to unplug my record player and couldn’t, I decided I needed leverage to pull the cord out, and my mouth seemed like a great method of achieving that leverage.

So, I inserted the cord into my wee little mouth, and star more stars than there are on Twitter. Yep, what better way to get over my desire to work with electricity than to try to tame it.

It didn’t work.

So, since I then saw a doctor, I decided I wanted to be a doctor. That was until I went to have my tonsils out, and they pricked my fingers for blood tests. I hit the floor faster than the Mets will hit the basement this year.

Thoughts of law school went out the window when I saw the politics of the 70’s.

Unrequited love of radio didn’t really pan out, though I enjoyed  it. I did College Radio at WKVU in Villanova, and loved being a DJ. However, I never really chased that dream, nor other fine professions that I was actually good at but wasn’t mature enough yet to try.

So I took the exotic way and joined the supermarket circus. Worked there for 10 years, and then finally fell into a job that sounds so easy, but was ridiculously difficult yet infinitely rewarding.

I started to sell and offer movies for rental on VHS, LaserDisc, and CED Disc. I was fucking great at it, made friends and connections, but also grew fat and happy (emphasis on fat, more on that later). 27 years later, those formats are gone, as is the fat for the most part, and so am I from an industry that I loved.

Now you have downloads, streaming, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Candy machines, Buffet  Rentals, and probably chips in your brains.

Where is this going? It is just my way of pointing out the Peter Pan in every person and every undertaking, the desire to be something when you grow up and the comfort levels you may or may not achieve at every level of growing up are thing that you need to harness, control, and exceed

Forget my feelings about the current state of home entertainment for now. You’ll get plenty of it later from me, trust me.

However, do NOT forget my feelings about complacency, and how easy it is to think of what you want to be when you grow up, but to never really try for it.

That is the next phase for me. Growing up with something new and exciting, but something I will make even more exciting.

So, I pick your brains, I read your tweets and blogs, I try to add relevance and humor to the conversation, and I try to engage you, and in turn, make you engage me.

Up to now, I’ve avoided some subjects because I didn’t want to argue and defend, but in truth, I also didn’t benefit from opposing or supporting viewpoints.

No mas.

Get ready to help me grow up into what I really want to be: relevant again and essential forever.

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