365. Your indulgence, Please.

Your indulgence, please.


A full year. A long time, and yet, one of the shortest times when too much happens.

For the uninitiated, it has been 365 days since I was informed that my services were no longer needed at my previous job, my home for 9 years . It was not performance related, but they decided that they didn’t need what I brought to the table. Fair enough. I beg to differ, but it’s not my company anymore, and it doesn’t look like the company I knew anyway. More power to them.

I’ve spent the year missing the friends much more than the job, even though I loved my job (and frankly, was the fucking best at it). Yep, I miss my industry choice of 27 years, which is not even looking the same anymore.

In that time, I’ve engaged in the new pastime of millions, looking for a job when there aren’t any.

I’ve lived on half of my past income, and made necessary cuts, changes, and actions to try to get to a manageable level.

I’ve improved my mobility by getting my knees replaced, something that was needed for a long time.

I’ve then had my mobility slightly hampered by a lung issue that we are still exploring as to origination (Not a smoker).

And here I am.


Tomorrow marks 366, and as my sister (and I) hope, I finally move past this. Probably not.

Because, again, friends are missed most. Because of my bad habit of throwing myself into my work, most of my friendships were centered around the workplace. I’ve met some great (and not so great) people there. However, once the common workplace bond was cut, those friendships fell to a very few, but a very appreciated group of people, who I won’t name here, but they know who they are.

In retrospect, no surprise there. They have their jobs to do and less in common with me now, and that is fine. Some have very little in common with me, but we were acquaintances, not friends anyway, so no problem.

However, I have found tremendous comfort, support, and yes friendship in other places, many that surprised me. These people are not coming to visit in person every day. However, I talk with them through the magic of Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and even that old fashioned phone. However, they are amazing to talk with, accomplished in their own fields, fascinating in their own experiences, and understanding in their wisdom. They have common experiences to myself, and when I am most down, they gently remind me that others are in similar straits, too, but I am not alone.

My wish is to meet and hug everyone of them in person, and yes, there are too many to name and maybe hug, but I may go on a hugging tour one day. A few deserve special thanks.

Of course, my family, especially my sister Julie, leads the list. I need to do a separate blog post to introduce you to her.

My friends from DunderMifflinInfinity , a silly virtual workplace for fans of the NBC show THE OFFICE. I’ve been on it for three years, heading a “branch” in Allentown, and doing things that are fun and frustrating. This was my first experience with the role playing phenomenon.

However, I can truly say that I’ve made some spectacular friends there, friends that read my feelings and moods, and help me work them out. I’ve met many of them over the last three years, and delightful doesn’t begin to describe them.

At the end of this post, I’ve included something that I’ve never shared, a video that they did for me earlier this year when I was really struggling with feelings. I’ll shout out to Casavon, Puckaroo, DJKW418, TheSouthernDandy, Butterfly, Jasania, RabbiJack, MikeKrisza, BigMacDaddy, JanetLizz, LindaLooLoo, TheOfficeScribe, Jossie, Alica, BoredBrenda and the others from Allentown.

Dabaum, Feef, JimAndCyndi, MaryBurham, Konamouse and others from other DMI Branches have been so important to me as well. And yes, I know them so well by their screen names, but trust my their support and my love back is genuine.

A big secret: none of them live in Allentown.

I’ve made some good supportive friends on Facebook and Twitter, and tomorrow, 9/17, they will be the focus of a very special FOLLOW FRIDAY from me.

However, I do want to thank PhilaDAVia on Twitter for being so gracious and supportive of me. He spurred me to start the blog back up, he has common sense words of advice and support, and he knows hockey like no other. He also writes his own articles and blogs on Hockey from numerous angles, and you should follow him. He also has great music taste, and is a secret OFFICE fanatic.

So, while I started this with the intention of being cranky about my current state (and who knows, that may still come up), maybe this is the first step to moving on. Maybe not.

However, at least I have my friends to guide me.

Thank you, friends.

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2 comments on “365. Your indulgence, Please.

  1. Keep your chin up and remember, this happened cause there is shit you need to take care of and something better is around the corner. Sending you virtual hugs until you can arrange that hugging tour, and it better pass through Spokane! Loves and prayers to you!

  2. Adrian, it is great to see you writing! Your blogs are always very heartfelt and hit close to home with many of us.

    As a matter of fact, I had a very similar experience with looking for employment back in 2001. I worked for Lucent Technologies and we were reporting record profits, but after certain events, the company took advantage of the situation and moved the operation overseas. No one wanted to hire me for the salary that I had been making, and basically tossed my application out when they saw where I had worked and what I had been making. I was out of work for nine grueling months, and believe me when I say from experience, I feel for your situation. I found myself questioning my worth to others and even to myself; my very worth of being needed by others and feeling unwanted when no job offers came in.

    I’m sure the lack of employment beyond handing out smiley stickers at Wal*Mart or asking if you would like your meal super-sized is much worse than when I was looking, and my brother is actually going through the same thing right now.

    But as in my situation, things always have a way of working out. The circumstances of my obtaining this job at the courthouse are beyond belief, I may write a blog about it one day. But it all worked out that I started working at the courthouse the very week that my last check of unemployment ran out.

    Hang in there, buddy. It’s good that you know that you have a ton of people who genuinely care about you. If there is anything that I can do, let me know. You know how to get ahold of me.

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