2 comments on “The Philadelphia Phillies Win Their 4th Consecutive NL East Championship

  1. Amazing how some things can jog so many incredible memories. This is the first time that the Phils have won four consecutive NL East titles, and I vividly remember the three-time NHL East champs from ’76-’78.

    I was a youngster and can still name every player and every player’s statistics. My favorite player on those teams (and my all-time favorite player) was Jay Johnstone, a journeyman outfielder who had some really good seasons with the team. He was actually the player that made me want to become a major leaguer, a dream that went unfulfilled as I failed in my tryout with the team. A center fielder with bad knees and slow afoot at a time when they had Bob Dernier and speed was everything (before “juicing” of baseball) was a really bad combination.

    Congratulations to the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies…still much work to do to grab the third World Series Championship in franchise history. And it’s been so cool to have been able to see both of them so far.

  2. Oh, yeah. I remember those years. I had a 16 game plan in the best seats ever. Section 539, Rows 1 and 2, Seats 1 and 2.

    To place them correctly, these were the first rows of the second level, and were directly above the broadcast booth, so a perfect view. I saw so many great games there, including the BURT HOOTEN game. My favorite still was Larry Bowa. As a matter of fact, when they traded him, I got so pissed off that I would not renew my tickets.

    Loved Jay Johnstone and was thrilled to see him in the movie NAKED GUN.

    I didn’t know that you tried out for the team. They probably could have used you during the late 80’s.

    It feels like yesterday. Now, to quote Roy Halladay, “IT’S GONNA GET FUNNER.”.

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