I’ve Written A Letter To Santa

Hey, Santa!

How goes it, buddy. I’ve been following your adventures a bit on TV and Twitter, and want to be ready for Christmas.

I don’t write letters to Santa, and you don’t want me on your lap, trust me. However, it is always worth a try. So here goes.

Santa, I need your help this year more than ever. I know what I believe and I know what I and my family are going through.

Follow along, you will get my point.

This has been a year that Burgermeister Meisterburger would have loved. Personally facing unemployment after a layoff from an industry that I was in since 1983, it has been a  job search that has been fruitless so far. Couple it  with the discovery of a lung disease this year which has at least gotten me to look at learning new job avenues,  I would be lying if I didn’t say this affected me professionally, psychologically, and financially. I’ve never been this withdrawn and desperate for focus.

Add in my Dad, who suffered a major stroke three weeks ago and may never come home,as well as a special needs brother who has come to depend on me,  I need to find a way to continue to serve those needs, along with a sister who is an angel and needs to be able to take a breath while she tries to deal with all of us, and another brother attempting to solve some other health problems, etc.

Yeah, I am feeling bad about all of this.


However, in the end, I have come to the conclusion that I really only need one thing from you.

I need you to give me the ability to remember that I am not alone in having these problems. Millions are unemployed, millions are sick and confused, millions are missing loved ones, millions are facing financial pressure, and millions simply need a shoulder to lean on.

I also need the ability to continue to treasure and appreciate the many people who have listened to me, counseled me, offered me advice, and just been there. Many of these are family and relatives, but many are people I have met through the shared interests (NBC’s The Office, The Beatles) and though Twitter and Facebook friends, many of whom I have yet to meet in person, but who I know oh so well.

These people continue to be there for anyone who needs them, and trust me, I need them and will continue to need them.

So, Santa, all I want for Christmas is to keep all of these people close to me. That is all that matters in my world.

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