Falling Skies: Silly Questions

Just a quickie post while waiting for FALLING SKIES : EPISODE 5 SILENT KILL tonight on TNT. I figured I’d post some things on my mind:

Q1)…The story says that 90% of the world’s population was destroyed in the initial invasion. Broadly thinking that number through and applying it equally to all areas, this would mean that about 160,000 people would have survived in the Boston/Quincy area. Assuming a disproportionate number of children survived and were taken captive, there still should be a lot of people in the area beyond the 3,600 or so encamped at the High School with the 2nd Mass. If even a portion of that number is true, where are they and how do they factor in?

Q2)…We know the children are held captive and controlled by the harnesses. We also assume that these harnesses have other results.

In last weeks episode, we saw that Ricky was able to survive with the harness cut off. However, since there were still portions of the harness in his spine, there was still some type of control held by the captured skitter. This control seem to increase when Ricky put the harness back on. With it on, he was then able to speak as the voice of the skitter.

At the same time, we saw that the skitter seemed to emit some kind of radio waves when it became agitated or afraid, evidenced by the static on the radio. This would imply that the skitters emit these fields at other times as well, though at lower levels that are undetectable by us.

Since we have yet to understand how the skitters communicate with the harnessed kids, I am beginning to wonder if it is through low level radio waves. That would open the possibility that the harnesses function as radio antenna to receive commands.

If this is the case, that could be why the EMP bomb was so important to use when they were attacked. By silencing our ability to communicate over the airwaves, they would have removed the possibility that our broadcasting or radio communications would interfere or intercept their own.

So, while I am not sure, I wonder if the harness also function as a radio receiver, allowing the skitters to command and even “broadcast” through the kids bodies.

Also, if this is true, can that eventually allow a captured skitter to broadcast the location of where they are being held?

Q3)…We know the armies were wiped out, but what about police forces and other local law enforcement? We have yet to see any on the streets that I know of.

Q4)…We’ve seen no real evidence of looting or hoarding. The skitters and mechs seem to be smart enough to guard our essential food and supplies storehouses. These seem to be fairly intact. After six months, there seems to be no civil unrest at all. I wonder if that will become a problem eventually.

I have a few more silly questions, but I’ll wait to see what happens tonight. By the end of this espisode, these could all prove to be silly musings by a blogging noob. I know that spoilers are out there in the Twitterverse, but I prefer to discover along with Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass.

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