Filling Skies: A Brief Space Filler While I Finish My Next Falling Skies Post

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As with all good Speilberg productions, I always look for the secret tie-ins.

Such is the case with Falling Skies on TNT. While the show runners say they will move forward and not revisit the first 6 months of the invasion, they can always make related cartoons.

Here for the first time are some lyrics to the theme song for the new animated WB Show SKITTERMANIACS !

It’s time for Skit-ter-man-i-acs
And we’re deadly to 2ndMass
So just stay back and you’ll see
There is no escaping we
We’re Skit-ter-man-i-acs

Come join the Mason brothers
And the Mason papa Tom.
Just for kicks we harness kids and cause Boston alarm
We nest them in the darkness and mean to cause you harm
But one breaks loose…
And we vamoose…
And Hal turns on the charm

We’re Skit-ter-man-i-acs
Matt is cute still we attack
Mechs will blow away away all hope
While you puzzle over Pope
We’re Skit-ter-man-i-acs

Meet Ricky and there’s Ben
Who you think that you’ve made free
Dr. Glass just wants to
Fill our throats down to her sleeve
Megan grabs for Eli
While Terry makes a deal
Then Hal freaks out
Mike, he gets shot
It all gets very real

We’re Skit-ter-man-i-acs
Our soft pallettes make us gack
John Pope is really wack
There’s a harness on kids backs
We’re Skit-ter-man-ee
Totally and painy
Here’s the shows namee
Those are the facts!


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