Tomorrow Starts The Next Phase: Pulmonary Rehab And Education

If you read back on some of my previous blog posts, you can learn a little bit about my current health situation. While I’ve tried to keep other things I get involved in active and interesting, it all comes back to my ILD/ NSIP  lung issues, as it should.

At the end of this post is some linkbacks, if you would like to catch up. However, starting tomorrow, I am going to undertake a “pulmonary rehab and education program” at Lankenau Hospital. This is a minimum of 6 weeks and a max of 12. It is not cheap, thanks to those wonderful co-pays at my health insurance ($30 per visit, 3 days a week). On a fixed income, that requires austerity for now, since my debt ceiling is below floor level.

However, this program is so important to me because it goes beyond the pulmonary tests and the questions that I can ask my team of doctors. It is real time information and real time results. While my lungs will not improve, a goal is to arrest any further deterioration and to stabilize them. In addition, the big goal is to gain back as much confidence as I can in my decreased physical abilities. I’ve spent a year and a half worried about what I can do, afraid to try so many things, and going insular to avoid things I am not sure of.

Through a combination of monitored exercise (not to get buff) and real time info and answers, I hope to regain the focus I’ve lost and the confidence to try whatever I can physically do. I cannot run anymore, nor go out without my oxygen lifeline, but too often I’ve simply not tried at all.

No more hiding, no more excuses.

As I do these exercises, I want to write a journal to track my thoughts, my feelings, my accomplishments, my frustrations, and my hope. Yes, I want to travel. Yes, I want to walk around. Yes, I want to do. Most importantly, I want to feel like I contribute and that others want me to. I think this will help do that.

Instead of keeping a private journal, I’ve decided to chronicle it here on my blog, with your indulgence. I’ve nothing to be ashamed of, and much to learn from your comments. I’ve spent hours online researching my disease. Hopefully, what I discover will help someone else.

So please read and even more so, please comment and spread these around. I work badly in a vacuum. I work best along with friends.

See you here after my first session tomorrow.

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