What I’m Reading: Marshall Connors Series

Dead Ball Series by Allen Schatz

While I hope that I have written blog posts here that have been interesting, informative, silly, smile-inducing, heart-warming, or just plain scathingly brilliant, I have been so busy focusing on certain aspects of my current medical issues that I feel the need every so often to let you know that I do use my time wisely, or at least I use my time.

One activity that I now have time for is reading. I have some books that I brought with me to my new home at my sisters but I had to be prudent in what I brought since space here is at a premium. So, a good angel of a friend, one who is from my Dunder Mifflin days, held a friendly raffle for her older KINDLE when she bought a new one. And guess who won!!!

So, I get to read, though since I have to budget, I either read a hella lotta public domain (love Dickens) or pick and choose some “out of the ordinary” books.

One of those series that I’ve been reading is in the banner piccy above. Go ahead and click it. It won’t bite. Instead it will entertain and make you appreciate the only good umpire in the major leagues.

That would be Marshall Connors. You see, while Marshall is working the World Series between my beloved Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays ( boooooo! ), he connects with people from his past that involve him in a mystery that can destroy a lot of people, Marshall among them.


You should read the books. That is why Allen wrote them. Then you might think twice before you boo an umpire again, except for “Cowboy” Joe West and CJ Buckner. They deserve any boos you can ever bellow.

Check them out and tell Marshall I sent you. It won’t get you crap but I like to have people throw my name around.

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