Pulmonary Rehab 9/24: Doxys Are The Best Medicine.

Note: At the end of this post are links to previous posts about my lung disease. I’ll keep these links at the end of each subsequent post or figure out how to add a Table Of Contents.

This is “Chipper”. He is also known as “Swyper”. With an innocent face like that, you know he would have to have an alias.

Chipper is my sister’s Dachshund, one of three that she had, but “Slinky” passed earlier this year.

Chipper is a young boy of almost 2. He may also be the most active dog since Lassie discovered that town full of kids who constantly fell in wells.

Chipper is on again/off again best friends with “Angel”, who is also “Momma Dog”. Dogs have too many names. This is the two of them in a rare tolerant mood. Angel has her butt to the camera and Chipper is camping under the blanket. Chip loves to burrow and sleep totally covered. You haven’t lived until you’ve sat down and then noticed that the throw blanket is snoring.

Chip has been “fixed”. Yep, they are gone. He doesn’t seem to notice though, since when Angel is in heat, Chip feels like he has to at least try. We call it “playing leap frog”. Chipper never wins. Neither does Angel. We still only have two Doxys, no little yippers running around.

Chip is extremely active and stands sentry duty on the back of the couch by the front window. Aided by the bush in front of the window, Chipper channels his best Doberman Pinscher bark at anyone who dares to breach the perimeter of our house. Chipper’s perimeter seems to encompass most of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Of course, if he is challenged back, it is burrow time.

Angel cannot climb or jump like Chipper, she is content with simply egging him on to bark. Angel can tell time, as long as that time corresponds to meals and bedtime. Angel has a rhythmic “yip” bark that is very effective. She has a toy called “baby no face”. I’ll let the dog psychologists among you figure that one out. Angel also does a trick. She knows how to unplug my sister’s laptop when she is ready for bed. Not my sister’s bed, but Angel’s.

They love treats. If it is edible, it is edible by them. I’ve guiltily spoiled them. When I head out for rehab or the newspapers in the morning, I will come home with a bag with the letters ‘WAWA” on it. Heaven help me if that bag does not contain a cheese stick for each of them. Nothing else will work.

Chipper will see my car pull up and Angel will hear the engine noise. That will set off hysteria. Chipper does circles on the back of the couch while Angel runs to nose open the front door. They then make sure that I do not forget or lose the Wawa bag. After the each get their cheese sticks, they look at each other to ward off any attempt to steal it from them.

So, where does that fit in with my pulmonary rehab?

We used to own dogs growing up, but as it just became my Dad, Tommy, and myself, it became too hard to care for them. In addition, we would not have been allowed pets at our last apartment, so we’ve lived a puppy free life. Our visits to my sisters were where we got to play with the doxys.

Now that I have moved in with my sister, the dogs get to serve another purpose, and that isn’t just following me excitedly to the kitchen whenever I go out there, nor sitting next to the table praying the prayer that dogs say to make me drop food.

The dogs become a comfort blanket to me. While I have to be careful of smells and whatever they may have rolled around in, the doxys get to sit with me, stare at me until I pet them (a lot) and keep me company if I need it. They also get to cheer me up when I’m a bit depressed (a lot) over all that I face and when I am frustrated with the limited availability of my options.

Chipper especially likes to be held in very unique ways. He is a great lap dog for 5 minutes, then he runs downs, checks the suroundings, and jumps back up.

Essentially, Chipper and Angel are reasons to relax for a few minutes, to laugh a bit, to marvel at how they communicate. They relax me in times of worry and excite and entertain me in times of activity.

And they give love back, though Chipper may have inherited Gene Simmon’s tongue.

The more around you, the more the reason to keep trying to handle your obstacles. The more to distract you, the more to involve you in life.

I’ve got two dogs again. They are my breath of fresh air that my body needs.

Chipper And Angel thank you for reading about them.

They say “Bark”!

They also say “Do you have cheese sticks?”


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