Christmas My Way: Reindance

Christmas music can affect you in many ways. You have the quiet reflective aspect, the melancholy dreaming aspect, the romantic aspect, the childhood aspect, and you have the goofy fun aspect. Beyond just the songs, though, the fun aspect can be made even more fun and silly. Here are a few videos of people enjoying themselves way too much with Christmas music.

First up is my favorite new Christmas video this year. Preston Leatherman is an Oklahoma born, currently Nashville living musician with a ton a charisma and not and ounce of shame. He has done a tom of videos that you can find on his PRESTON LEATHERMAN WEBSITE.

One thing he has tried are a couple of videos called DANCING WITH AN IPOD. The latest is his enthusiastic dance to Mariah Carey’s ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU. The concept is that he goes to a busy mall, puts on his headphones and begins his dance to the song. The conceit is that only he hears the music because he is playing it through the headphones of his iPod.


Of course, there may be no better Christmas dancing than the gang from A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.

The City of Detroit has it’s own unique Dancing Santa.

I’ve posted this before, but I love it. RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER by Billy May And His Orchestra.

Flash mobs are always a ton of fun, but those that pop up where you least expect them to are the best. On October 30, 2010, inside the venerable Center City Philadelphia Macy’s store (It used to be the flagship John Wanamakers), hundreds of singer surrounded the GRAND COURT , world renowned for it Christmas light show and GRAND PIPE ORGAN, and broke out in a glorious version of Handel’s HALLELUJAH CHORUS,

Pepsi-Cola decided that when Santa wants to dance while on his own holiday, he wants to dance and doesn’t want Coca-Cola.

A few years ago, OFFICE MAX had a character based on THE SPINNERS song RUBBERBAND MAN. For Christmas, they did a special version.

And to wrap up, a quick look at what may be the most misguided Christmas TV Special ever. THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

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