Where the heck have I been???

Just a quick update: The last three months have been out of this world crazy for me. I have two posts that I was about to post end of November, but then all Decemeber broke loose, both with the annoyingly bad, like a hospitalization, and the amazingly wonderful, like the wedding of my niece and almost best friend Julie at Disney in Orlando.

Oh, then came the colds and some more med tests. The Mayans may have missed your house, but they seem to be laser focused on screwing me up now. Still, all of that crap is more than worth it for my niece’s wedding at the SWAN in Walt Disney World, plus the few days it allowed us to hang together at the Magic Kingdom before 2013 comes knocking.

So, stand by, I’m still here, still searching for topics to entertain and involve you, and will try to post once a day starting in 2013.

Still won’t eat all my vegetables, though.

Mea Maxima Culpa.



My niece Julie's Wedding


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