Yep, another placeholder, but for a very good reason. Kidney cancer surgery.

Back on 12/4, I went to Lankenau Hospital ER because of persistent blood in my urine. (I never promised this update would be pretty). They kept me for a day and irrigated my bladder to clear it out. They didn’t do any tests, other than blood, and it looked under control, so I was released into the wilds of suburban Philadelphia. There was no warning. Sorry.

Then, while at my niece’s wedding the middle of December in Disney World (I saw Mickey!!!) , it returned. The only way to control it was to drink lots of fluids. Enough fluids for me to build a new intracoastal waterway on our way back up I-95 for the drive home.

I saw my doctor and scheduled tests. I studied hard. On Jan. 2nd, I celebrated the New Year by dropping not my balls but my pants for a CT Scan. The scan showed a large mass on my right kidney. The radiologist and my doctor didn’t see signs of spreading (which is the good news). However, my urologist decided that he would need to remove my right kidney, because the mass was too large to remove on it’s own (which is the bad news).

With surgery scheduled for Feb 7th, a month away, I went through more torturous emotions that Sigmund Freud could have ever imagined.

Well, that month has passed and I am now one day away and I am enjoying my fine pre-surgical clear liquid diet of lemon jello, chicken broth, and white grape juice, which is kind of like drinking the flat leftovers in an old bottle of champagne.

Tonight, I’ll get the call with my surgical time tomorrow morning. Then we are off to the races. Normally, they would do this laproscopicly, but because of the large size of the mass, they may also have to do a 10-12 inch incision in my abdomen to remove it.

Then comes recovery, morphine, pain killers, getting up and walking again, and hallelujah!!! real solid food again, which has gotten better, though not yet really good, at Lankenau.

My sister and niece will be posting occasional updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so hound them and hound them well.

Then comes all of you. As I recover and get back to Twitter, Facebook, and my life, I will need all of you to simply say Hi when I get back home. That will make recovery all the more sweet.

See you all in a few days.

please stand by

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