Facing 2014: One Of The 365 Days At A Time

final ny

Taking my inspiration from Dallyn Pavey (who has been doing a wonderful 365 photography project), I’m going to steal her idea but adapt it to myself and my own talents and tools as a method to forward focus my life in 2014.

Dallyn Pavey’s 365 Photo Project

I’ll have a blog post up tomorrow that looks back on what everyone I know has meant to me in 2013, but my top New Years resolution is to follow Dallyn’s lead and write one post a day on my blog, instead of sitting back and blaming the lack of a daily muse on things that happen around me, on the shadows in the corners that I fear instead of confront. All of then will not be earth moving, some may simply be what strikes my fancy, others may be composed with great care and planning, but they will be a reflection of me, I hope and honest and exciting reflection.

However, when I look at from January 1, 2014 onward, I hope each blog post, as each picture Dallyn takes, will show even the tiniest bit of growth, of forward, and most definitely of the world and friends around me.

My blog next year will be about us. Maybe I can’t even call it my blog anymore because I intend to make it so dependent on all of you to make it come to life, to be about “something”.


I’m also going to invite others to contribute their own flights of fancy to both this blog and a new offshoot I will be starting called SECOND LOOKS. This related blog will be a way to take a fresh look at anything on my life that deserves a fresh look. It could be something I’ve taken for granted, something I never gave the proper attention to before that deserves much more of the spotlight, or simply something that will give me and you a second wind.

My friend on Facebook and Twitter , Catherine Rodriguez (@djcaterina), has already kindly written for the SECOND LOOKS project.

So, thanks once again to one of my favorite muses, Dallyn, for getting my damn mind back on track and looking forward again.

See you next year.


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