My Other “Mother” On Mother’s Day. My Sister, Julie.


Tomorrow I will honor my mother, but today, I want to honor in advance the person who has become almost as much of a mother to me as my own Mom.

That is my sister Juliana Hickman Guaraldo. Many of you know, but many can only begin to imagine the impact she has on all of our lives, especially mine during my illnesses. The compassion, the knowledge, the caring, the love that she offers, despite any aches, pains, and exhaustion from working to make sure the rest of us are well and safe is just beyond wonderful.

When I got my diagnosis of the recurrence of my kidney cancer, she was the one who listened to my doctors, patiently listened to my fears, and wonderfully calmed me down from my initial despair so that I can fight this mofo hard and win this battle. And win it, I will, with her right there with me.

Her compassion is legendary, as she also cares and teaches special needs children. No headache, no exhaustion, no detour stops her from being there for anyone who needs a hand.

Her friends love her, my friends admire her, and your friends would be blessed to know her.

She loves her dogs, she loves life. Music brings out the best in her, as does curling up on the couch with my niece, Julie, binge watching ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

She can corral the largest group in total disarray and form them into a fun, accomplished and focused group. She makes sure everyone is recognized and thanked.

I can tell you so much more, and I invite you to friend here, Juliana Hickman Guaraldo, on Facebook and in real life.

However, every wonderful thing about her is summed up by knowing that none of us gives up, because she is behind us to make everything we face easier to succeed at.

Julie, I love you so much.

Happy Mothers Day.













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