Falling Skies EXTRA: HR Pufnstuf?

While I write my usual scathingly brilliant and totally cockeyed blog about last nights episode “Journey to Xibalba”. I’ll share a stupid story that maybe only I find funny.

As a preface, the combination of the heat in the past week in Philly, plus some changes in the medicines I take for my progressive lung disease and after effects of my kidney cancer seem to have really tired me out this week. So much so that after dinner last night, about 7:30, I decided to catch a little shut eye before the FALLING SKIES episode at 10 PM.

Woke up at 11 PM, just in time to catch the second showing but still very groggy. I saw Tom Mason on his boat and remembered seeing Karen and her Skitter henchman (henchthing?) back in Boston before Tom escaped.

So, while I regained consciousness and my wits, for some reason, I saw the boat and thought of H.R. Pufnstuf.

Yes, the old kids show from Sid And Marty Kroft.

I went to Youtube and found the opening. Low and behold, it shows Jimmy running down an idyllic hillside (Boston) and then sailing away in a magic boat, being chased by Witchiepoo and her henchman (henchthing?) and the skies growing dark and foreboding.

Suddenly, Pufnstuff appears on the shore and invites Jimmy to the island to great celebration, because he has escaped the witch.

Only, in my semi-awake state (and I was not on any kind of magic mushrooms), I saw Tom Mason sailing that boat away from danger and off to LIVING ISLAND / Charleston. I saw Karen, not Witchiepoo, waving her deadly wand to stop Tom from getting back to safety, and she had a skitter, not a henchman (henchthing?) by her side.

Weaver dressed in his best Pufnstuf finery greets him on the shore and leads him back to a great celebration with the 2nd Mass.

So, while it makes no sense, I now think of Pufnstuf every time I see Tom Mason.

Yeah, I’m really tired.

More meds?




I think the police officer is actually Anthony in my hallucination. 🙂


Dealing With My #KidneyCancer (Pt. 2): My Doctor Asked Me “AM I DISAPPOINTED?”

Note: My apologies for a more serious tone for this post. It takes in a fairly long period of some pretty scary questions and finding the humor in the situation was hard.

So, before I tell you how I answered that question, I want to get this post started off with some laughs from my favorite comedian and a Philly guy thru and thru, Craig Shoemaker.

I saw Craig at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville last month, with a very funny local comedian who I just discovered, Jared Bilski.

maxresdefault Jared opened with a very funny set and in a difficult spot. Not only was he opening for a very funny national comedian, TV, and movie star, but he also had to open for a local Philly treasure, one who could match anyone for mining local references for laughs and yuks.

Jared did an great job. The way I knew this was that his set, like most opening comedian sets, only ran 20 minutes or so. Opening acts have to face the audience cold, with just an MC introduction. That audience just a few seconds ago had been chatting, snacking, talking on cell phones, tweeting, texting, and even peeing, though hopefully not at the same time. The opening act has to come on while the audience is trying to , or supposed to be trying to, ramp down the noise to watch the show. They may even say “Good, this guy coming on means it is only 20 minutes to Craig”.

Jared did something different. His set was so funny that when he was done telling us the true rules of those school zone speed limits (who knew?) and started to introduce Craig, I looked at my watch and was disappointed he wasn’t going longer. A “new to you” comedian whose set you never want to end is a rare thing.


Then came Craig, who also defied what you would expect from a live comedian. Settling in for what I expected to be an hour long show, I instead got almost two hilarious (yeah, I used “hilarious”)hours of jokes, stories, and even show tunes! Take that, Russell Crowe. He added local flavor for the crowd because he knew that we’d get the references. He had us in the proverbial stiches. Though I have to disagree with how he demonstrated how kids used to hold an imaginary machine gun.

I’m not doing a review of his act here. Just do yourself a favor and look for both of these guys when they play your area. However, I bring them up for two reasons. One, I really can use the laughs right about now, and two, they helped me remember that there is humor in every situation; especially Craig, who draws on personal experience to give some very funny and poignant focus to life issues.

Now, what the hell does this have to do with my kidney cancer?

If you’ve read my previous posts of my medical issues, you’ve noticed that I’ve always tried to find the lightness in the darkness. And I think I’ve succeeded pretty well, thank you very much. And I will for a long time to come.

So, let’s start that long time today…

Dealing With My Kidney Cancer (Part One): The Serious and The Humorous.

The link above is to Part One of my kidney cancer story. Go ahead, click it to refresh your memory. I’ll wait here. …………….

Done? Cool. Then read on….

I spent the rest of February recovering from the surgery. Of course, it came with plenty of restrictions for the first few weeks. It also came with plenty of Percocet for the first week. That was the first win for me. When I take Percocet, I simply sit and relax. The clue that it is kicking in is a peaceful tingling in the toes on my right foot. When I feel that, I mentally let out a contented sigh and just enjoy the calm and lack of pain. I smiled a lot at nothing in particular. I even laughed at a couple of Jay Leno jokes, so you know I was feeling no pain.

There is more to read. Just click here.