Fly, Eagles Kloutperks, Fly !

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or even as I move around my neighborhood doing important stuff, you know I have some pretty intense passions and I am not shy in talking about them.

One of them is Philly Sports. I get all worked up with all the Philly teams. When Fall comes to Philadelphia, many of the leaves begin to fall in reaction to my intensity during an Eagles football game. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet made a game at Lincoln Financial Field, which may be good for the success of the team, since my attendance at an event does not guarantee victory. With my progressive lung disease eating up my fundage, I have to shout extra loud from home so that the team can be inspired by my fan-acity and WIN!!!

However, thanks to Klout and BarclayCard, I wound up getting a very exclusive invite to the super secret inner sanctum of the Philadelphia Eagles, the NOVA CARE COMPLEX practice facility. Built on the grounds of the old PHILADELPHIA NAVAL HOSPITAL, I had not been on those grounds since high school in 1971.

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