Hello, Fall. (Get the rake out).

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Christmas My Way: Day Nine (Caroling)

For those not yet tired of the radio stations playing Christmas music 24/7, lets add to the merriment. A few tunes to move your reindeer hooves to…

First up, a little HAPPY HOLIDAYS with a Manhattan Transfer Swing. BTW, for those from the Philly area, MT member Tim Hauser is a Villanova Grad..

Next up, some more retro swing with Brian Setzer: ‘ZAT YOU SANTA CLAUS?

Now, let’s dive way back to the great Jazz Guitarist Django Reinhart: CHRISTMAS SWING

A little fun version of the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters classic version of JINGLE BELLS by my brother Tommy;s favorite, Barry Manilow

And a classic cool down from Nat King Cole: