Christmas My Way: Day One.

Going to try to post some holiday songs and shows that I love each day. Get ready for joy and merriment!

First up is the great RUDOLPH MAMBO by Billy May And His Orchestra.


And finally, The trailer for the absolute worst, horrible, and perversely wonderful holiday movie ever, SANTA CLAUS, a 1959 redubbed Mexican film that is so unusual and poorly made. I’ll post the film as the holiday season moves along. I love this.

Naughty Or Nice Christmas Treats: File Under Naughty

To keep some things light here, I’ll link out to some Holiday Things that I love or that really move me (Nice), or to ones that make a lump of coal seem pleasant (Naughty).

I’ll post these as I find them, so I hope that you have fun with them:

First up, a segment from a really horrible 1959 movie called SANTA CLAUS. I saw this at a kiddie matinee back in the 60’s. It is a Mexican production, and it is horrible. search out the opening 15 minutes for truly bad cinema.