Falling Skies s3e6: Be Silent And Come Out


Some weeks, I struggle to find a clever way to open these blog posts. Much like a “lede” in reporting, getting this off to a proper start is what sometimes torments me. I don’t like to do pure recaps since there are other sites like THREE IF BY SPACE who do that so well already So, this week, let me “lede” with the link to TIBS’s recap from this episode and you can refer to it now, or preferably, check it out after reading mine.


The past weeks episode Of FALLING SKIES may have been one of the more heart wrenching yet. There have been plenty of emotional moments, horrible scenes of damage and destruction, and periods of hopelessness to overcome. But set against both the spectre of the mole hunt and the fear of what has become of Anne and Alexis, FALLING SKIES seized on one of the toughest psychological concepts to pull off, when son turns against father.

The main thrust of this week was that Hal, or Evil Hal, finally had to show himself in order to stop Tom from heading off to find Anne. His violent actions and subsequent taking of Tom as a hostage did not pull punches. Evil Hal was cold and vicious, in both his actions and his words. Referring to Tom as “Professor” instead of Dad, he spared no punches in his desire to get information out of his hostage.


Drew Roy, who plays Hal, is an excellent actor, but as the eldest Mason brother, Hal was probably the least interesting of the three up until this season. However, the earworm story line changed that and this episode allowed Drew/Hal to own the screen. It is a great conflicted performance, one that required intensity and menace, but had to avoid slipping into the standard clichés for a possessed character. Drew Roy captured the dispassionate coldness needed for Evil Hal and did it so well.

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Falling Skies: Welcome Home?

There are homecomings and then there are homecomings. THE WALTONS waited for their father one nasty Christmas day and experienced doubts, concerns, and worries as to what had and would happen to the family. In the past weeks FALLING SKIES episode, also titled THE HOMECOMING, it may involve a very different family in the 2nd Mass but it still involves the same issues, and more.

A few small scenes of relative tranquility are used to set the audience up for what is essentially a psychological story filled with doubts and trust issues. In the opening, we see Tom Mason (Noah Wylie) and Dr. Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood)in a scene that suggests they have spent the night together. What is nice about this scene is that, while it shows them in a happy moment, they both still remember their past lives. Tom even talks about his melancholy for the mundane home life he shared with his wife and boys before the invasions.

This brief respite is interrupted when Capt. Weaver (Will Patton) is felled by a mysterious life threatening illness from the bite from the slug at the harness factory. Weaver has kept the bite progression from Tom. Adding to the problems, Weaver has been draining the fuel supplies to run the hospital generators without letting Tom know and now they have to scavenge for fuel to get to Charleston.

Oh, did I mention that Weaver is now desperately ill and there may be only enough fuel to power the hospital for 12 more hours. Of course, one little thing that I noticed is that there seem to be a lot of lights on in the daytime. How about a little conservation?

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FALLING SKIES: S2-E4 Young Bloods-Lords Of The Harnesses

After last weeks transition episode, designed to get the 2nd Mass on the move towards a new destination, it was obvious that the journey had to be more than a nomadic pilgrimage. If survivors exist all the way down in Charleston, then you have to assume that others will be encountered along the way.

The 2nd Mass has been on the move since the last episode and seems to have settled in a suburban area, judging by the opening scene. It may even be just past the Mason Dixon line, since Diego mentions that he is from Pennsylvania, and probably would have headed south, not north.

Matt (Maxim Knight), on a Razor scooter, is off on his own and is soon surrounded by Skitters. Looking cornered, the tension is suddenly broken by the “TIC TIC BOOM” of the big gun as wielded by the bad boys of the currently rudderless BESERKERS, Tector (Ryan Robbins) and Boon (Billy Wickman). It turns out that Matt, who is now covered in Skitter blood, is the chase rabbit in a real life shoot ‘em up video games.

With a cry of “That was awesome”, Matt, or “M & M” as Boon has nicknamed him, has found the excitement that the others have denied him because he is too young and little. He is running with the bad boys because no one will let him run with the good guys. This story will resonate throughout the episode in numerous ways, including Matt, as well as Tector, who also finds his remorse for the incident leads to his desire to be with the good guys as well.

It is also a great way to set up the theme of the show, and that is the refocus on youth and youth rebellion in all ages. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) dresses down Boon and Tector, but for now at least, the only one truly affected by Tom’s lecture seems to be Tector, who begs Tom for a chance at redemption. This is tough to achieve because of Tector’s past history with The Beserkers as well as Tom’s massive distrust of him influencing Matt.

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