Pulmonary Rehab Tales 9/7/11: Clout Vs. KLOUT

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I got it, I got it … I ain’t got it

My award from the VSDA National Board Of Directors 2004

The award pictured above is from the VSDA (Video Software Dealers Association), which is now called EMA (Entertainment Merchants Association). For a brief time, they had a sub-group called iDEA (Independent Dealers of Entertainment Association)

Alphabet Soup.

The award was given to me for my three years of service on the National Board of Directors, a position I was elected to by hundreds of video retailers across the country. It followed years of working for the good of the home video industry since 1983, some of it done locally with other retailers in the Delaware Valley Chapter and much of it done nationally with many major chain directors and independent store operators uniting to bring our voices to both the entertainment industry as well as to the halls of government.

Our work made it possible for you to enjoy films and recorded product as you desired, both then and now.

You are very welcome.

I was elected to the National Board in 2001 and served three years until the iDEA was formed and split off from the mothership VSDA. Until the time of my layoff in 2009, I was on the iDEA National Board.

I had the honor of being parts of panels, presentations, seminars, interactive sessions, negotiations and development of both industry efforts to grow and improve as well as industry challenges to our livelihood. Many of the panels had major players from across the entertainment spectrum. My first panel, on the subject of music video, included RUSS SOLOMON, who founded TOWER RECORDS. Many of the people who called to sell us videos (VHS, Beta, LaserDisc and CED Disc) ascended to the top rungs of Sony, Warner, Disney, Fox, and Paramount, plus a ton of great independent film companies.

I have plenty of other stories and successes (and a few failures), but in essence…

I had clout with a “c”. That clout was a two way street. It allowed me the opportunity to have an impact on a growing industry. It allowed me to meet and influence people who needed my (and our) influence.

And it helped me learn a hell of a lot about this business.

It also allowed me to use and hone my skills and knowledge everyday, to both help my employer and to help my employers industry choice. I loved this business 24/7.


Members of the First Board of iDEA (and since that time, with the help of gastric bypass, I've lost over 140 lbs

All of that changed on 9/17/2009. That was the day that I was laid off from my job, an industry I had served for 27 years. The “brick and mortar” video industry was under attack from new forces and my company did not have the desire to continue the battle. As they downsized the stores division, they decided they no longer needed a “general manager” for them. I begged to differ because I felt the stores needed to be transformed uniquely, not just tweaked.

Company employee of the year 2007. Laid off 2009. Go figure.

That caused the clout to transform into a desire. The desire to leverage information and contacts into another rewarding position in the retail industry. Unfortunately, I was not alone. A number of great people who worked in the home video industry got kicked to the curb as well, and the openings grew scarcer.

Then came the lung biopsy.

That “rocked my world” to use a cliché. Being told that your left lung is at least 50% damaged beyond repair and that your constant companion when you are active is now a shoulder bag full of portable oxygen is not exactly Publishers Clearing House time. It affects you both physically and mentally, but abstractly, it also affects you socially. When you work, you have the social aspect of those working around you, of the salesmen and women, of the customers, of those you meet throughout the day.

And that social aspect is directly related to your clout. Without someone to interact with, “clout” is a five letter word. That became one of my many new fears: lifespan, day to day health, income, care, social and creative activity, and that thing called clout. I don’t believe it is egotistical to want to have an impact on an area of interest and importance to yourself. It is human nature. It is clout.

My "signature" for Dunder Mifflin Allentown

Then came Facebook and Twitter. There were other online activities that I stuck my toes in, such as running a virtual “branch office” of Dunder Mifflin, the paper company from NBC’s The Office. This was a yearlong online activity that revolved around each weeks episodes. We were the ALLENTOWN BRANCH and we lasted three years. The social aspect allowed me to meet a ton of new people from across the country, many of who remain great friends to this day.

That social clout is what I desire along with some form of clout like I used to possess in my old job. Let’s face it. If you don’t desire to have some sort of impact, you are wasting no one’s time but your own.

As I move forward with pulmonary rehab, maintenance, and education, and learn more about what I have (It is classified as an ILD Interstitial Lung Disease, or more specifically as NSIP Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonitis), I also desire to move ahead mentally, socially and creatively. While I am not sure what work I can do in the future (or even if I can ever work again) , I can use my computer (badly sometimes). So that becomes my portal to new clout.

Or maybe it is “KLOUT”.

Over the summer, I was part of an online effort to promote the new TNT series FALLING SKIES. I was one of 600 chosen because of what my online conversations seemed to show as to my ability to talk entertainment, science fiction, and television. Or to just talk. This effort was organized through KLOUT, which is like a social media scoring service that attempts to find people who actively show a connection to a particular topic. We would receive weekly mailings of fun little items that related to the show plus one Tweeter (Hokuboku) won a trip to the set and a walk-on role for Season Two.

If you look back through my blog over the Summer of 2011, you’ll find my many blog posts on FALLING SKIES.

Falling Skies

This KLOUT (www.klout.com) program allowed me to meet another great group of people to fill that social void that exists over the last two years, as well as allowed me to bring some of my skill sets of promotion and creativity back into play. Damn, it felt really good.

Through things like KLOUT, I am trying to mentally and socially get back to the learning and learned experience that I have enjoyed for over three decades, even if I won’t achieve the physical abilities that I used to have. That makes me focus forward, to have hope, to have pride, to have friends. To both cope with my new limited abilities and to find ways to defy those limits.

I have a lot to learn and a long way to go. When I was working, the ultimate goal was successfully reaching retirement age. Now it is simply reaching tomorrow with a strong enough will and desire to reach the day AFTER tomorrow and so on, God willing. However, without a social base to share what I know and love, my clout is all “out”.

I invite you to try KLOUT and see how you measure up, but also see how I can help you and you can help me and we can help others. Ask me if you need more convincing. Find me there under @adimike55.

While I hope that my real world “clout” can find a way to enhance my new life “KLOUT”, I also hope that my KLOUT is able to provide something that you can use, not just a mailing containing SKITTER FINGERS.

The fingers of a alien skitter


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4 comments on “Pulmonary Rehab Tales 9/7/11: Clout Vs. KLOUT

  1. ALWAYS enjoy your blogs, Adrian…this was an amazing recap of your incredible journey. It just goes to show the uncertainty of life, even when things are going so great. You just never know what curveballs will be thrown your way, and there’s no question you’ve had more than your share.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to check out Klout yet with how crazy things have been here, but I will definitely check it out soon!

    Keep up the great work, my friend!

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